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Future Jungle Sessions #69 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #69 // 8K.NZ Radio // 26.06.2021 // 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

John B, Digital - Time Goes By [Metalheadz]

Lenzman, Satl - Combo [The North Quarter]

Collette Warren, Motiv - Only One [CW Music]

Need for mirrors - Diplo [V Recordings]

Chimpo, SALÒ - Keep U Round [Box N Lock]

Bare Up - Bloom [Soulvent Records]

Technimatic - Lightwave [Liquicity Records]

GLXY, Rhi - Sweet Lows [Shogun Audio]

Kushty - Memories [Formation Records]

Nuvertal - Let Me Go [Celsius Recordings]

Villem - Waiting for You [Spearhead Records]

Asura, Wave - Microtube [LOWFREQMX]

Nuvaman - Flux [Archway Records UK]

Duoscience - Salom [Influence Records]

Kiat, Kiljoy - Taiko [Function Records]

Kiat, Kiljoy - Horza [Function Records]

HeadRead - Future War [DSCI4]

DJ SS, Starz, Deeza - We Don’t Care [Formation Records]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Gunman [Technique Recordings]

Degs, HARRY SHOTTA, T95 - Trenches [Hospital Records]

Lovell - Right Time [Bare Necessity Records]

DEDMAN, Draize - Intermission [Lost Recordings]

Oram - Lock off the Rave [DNB Vibes]

Mechanizm - Mystic (VIP) [Emcee Recordings]

QZB - Futurecool [Critical Music]

Erf - Heartbeat [Formation Records]

Stillz, Grafta MC - Dubplate Beater (feat. Grafta MC) [Monk Audio]

Kleu - Puppet [Device]

Scuffed - One By One (Napes Remix) [Dubs]

Complex - Journey (VIP 2) [Down 2 Earth Musik]

Survey, PRTCL - Don’t Need You [DSCI4]

Ed Rush & Optical - Glass Eye [Virus Recordings]

Inja - Smile & Wave [Hospital Records]

Mystical Sound - Let This Go [C Recordings]

Silence Groove - Cloves [Fokuz Recordings]

Sly Chaos, Tali - The Music I Need [Sly Chaos]

Umax - Feel For You [Four Corners]

Lally, Aaliyah Esprit - Hustlin’ [Hospital Records]

Jam Thieves - Black Light [Invicta Audio]

Collette Warren, Dunk - Black Rainbow [CW Music]

Toby Ross - Jah [Liondub International]

Flowidus, Amy Maynard - Delirium [Elevate Records]

CLIQUES., Marianna Ray - Are You There? (Kleu Remix) [Cliques Collective Audio]

Focusfire - So Strong [RAM Records]

Gydra - Step Forward [Gydra]

DC Breaks, Smooth - Tardigrade [RAM Records]

Dominator - Hooked (T>I Remix) [Biological Beats]

Dose - Give Back To Me [Huski Records]

Dutta, Bone Slim - Middleman [Souped Up Records]

Origin One - Tribute (Zero T Remix) [feat. MC Spyda & K.O.G.] [Nice Up!]

Collette Warren, Trex - My Song [CW Music]

Lovell - The Feeling [Grid Recordings UK]

Unknown Artist - Put It On [Fokuz Recordings]

Madcap - Morning Time [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Collette Warren, Winslow - Nothing in Return [CW Music]

Fox, Satl - Sunshine Blues [The North Quarter]

Cybin - Under the Ice [Machinist Music]

Lovell - Bamboozled [Grid Recordings UK]

aBLe - Saag [Critical Music]

aBLe - Shake [Critical Music]

Klinical - Sinful [Overview Music]

Inja - Sanctuary [Hospital Records]

Samurai Breaks - All Night Party People (Fixate Remix) [Super Sonic Booty Bangers]

Safire, DRS - Holding On [1985 Music]

Lasu - Modular [Soul Deep Digital]

Offline - Motion Blur [Overview Music]

cømpiler - Return [Lost The Plot]

Thing - Tunnel Vision [Elm Imprint]

Visages - Yalda [1985 Music]

Klinical - Over [Overview Music]

aBLe - Pillar to Post [Critical Music]

Survival, Script - Prang [Dispatch Recordings]

Madcap - Hide [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Qua Rush - EZ [BNCexpress]

imo-Lu - Circle [Hospital Records]

Klinical - My Number [Overview Music]

Xtrah, Genic - HOLDING ON (ORIGINAL) [Cyberfunk]

Dry - Mirror [Citrus Recordings]

Skeptical - Block 305 [Ingredients Records]

Klinical - In Vain [Overview Music]

Dynamix - Murderation [DSCI4]

Universal Project - Pacemaker [Universal Project Recordings]

John B, Digital - Moruga [Metalheadz]

Umax - Depth Charge [Four Corners]

Acuna, MadRush MC - Babylon System [Audio Addict Records]

Subtle Element - Shuffle City (Molecular Remix) [Ekou Recordings]

Kammoth #209 – Speedee


To those whose bun-based sammies run from said lineage; this set’s for you…

That little old kiosk eh…

01 Dirt Dress – fat lady of limbourg

02 Big Sir – Infidels

03 Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris

04 Chris Brokaw – King Ferdinand

05 ESG – Moody (Spaced Out)

06 Iceage – Catch It

07 Cubist Blues – sister

08 Destructo – La Funky

09 Big Bill Broonzy – Stump Blues

10 Japanese Breakfast – Body Is A Blade

11 Greenleaf – Sunken Ships

12 Tuna Ötenel, Kudret Öztoprak, Erol Pekcan – köy yolu

13 Circus Devils – The Constable’s Headscape

14 Chris Heazlewood – How Many Times

15 Flock of Dimes – The Joke

16 Fugazi – Number 5

17 John Vanderslice – My Old Flame

18 Elis Reguba – Pororo-Popo

19 Big Red Medicine – Lyla

20 Bikini Kill – blood one

21 Endless Boogie – gimme the awesome

22 fuck buttons – ribs out

23 Floor – New Man

24 Jesse Sykes & the sweet hereafter – tell the boys

25 El Ten Eleven – Besotted

26 Gum Takes Tooth – Bone Weapon

27 Eater – room for one

28 Eric Dolphy – Hat And Beard

29 DJ Q-Bert – Beats & Sounds

30 Engine Down – Somnolent

31 Black Feelings – hidden dance

32 Die Cheerleader Die – Just Another Notch on the Belt

One of each;


COCK BLOCK & TITBIT #131 & #132 [r]


#131 repeat  11 June 2021

#132 repeat 18 June 2021

Cup of Joe and Jam Vol. 4 at Prima Roastery


Dr Hitchcock starts with soul, touches on indie dance, dusts off some house, rinses out the electro, flirts with DnB, floats by with goth-tronica and finally rocks it out! We’re on an absolute roll at Prima Roastery; it’s just such a lovely place to hang.

This set features tunes from Idris Muhammad, Fontaines D.C., Soulwax, Redlight, Hoodboi, Lifelike, The Chemical Brothers, Shinichi Osawa, LO’99, Tough Love, Urbandawn, The Horrors, Tame Impala, The Dandy Warhols, Blur and many more.

Many thanks to Prima Roastery and Earthlove for the good vibes!

Dear Fellow Australians


 Crank Playthings 221

00:00 - Dear Fellow Australians - Buttress O'Kneel

The Show: The mystery of Scottish sport is why we hate the English so…


Euro 2020 2021 is currently underway and preparation for today’s show coincided with the build up to the England versus Scotland match. So much to play for!

A win for Scotland would surely guarantee secession or independence. Or not. A win for England would surely vindicate Brexiteers everywhere. Or not. And then we woke up Saturday morning and saw the match end in a 0-0 draw.

Always a good excuse to delve into the archives and play Primal Scream, Irvine Welsh & On-U Sound’s The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown.

And on with the show…

Direct download: The Joint – 19 June 2021

Notebooks out completists, here’s the playlist in full…

  • DOUJIN DUKE – A i s l e_3 0
  • PRIMAL SCREAM, IRVINE WELSH AND ON-U-SOUND – The Big Man And The Scream Team Meet The Barmy Army Uptown (Full Strength Fortified Dub) *
  • JÄH DIVISION – Isolation Dub
  • DON EVANS & THE PARAGONS – Danger In Your Eyes
  • MALI-I – I-Give (Soft Metal Remix)
  • ANIKA – Change
  • JORJA CHAMBERS – I’ll Be Waiting
  • MARIA KELLY – Dimme
  • FARAH – Fountain Of Youth
  • NECRUM SELECT – Pocket Fulla Stonez
  • HUS KINGPIN – The Atticus Play
  • 2XM – Altitude
  • CINTHIE – City Lights
  • COLD CAVE – Psalm 23
  • SON LUX – Sever [feat. Holland Andrews]
  • HILLS – Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd
  • OV PAIN – Daytripping
  • ACID ROOSTER – Stereofuzz
  • DLINA VOLNY – Redrum
  • LANA DEL REY – Text Book
  • LOVESHADOW – Candlelight (To Albion)
  • KENNY DALGLISH, SANDY JARDINE AND THE NEW FIRM – Each Saturday (from The John Peel Show 5 September 1979)

* The inspiration for this week’s lyrical heading.