The boy genius behind The Mixtape Connection, Dr. Hitchcock is an indie radio mogul from #Coolston who believes that smart drugs and electronic music will save the world. Join him on a journey into a virtual soundscape so far beyond reality that it comes full circle and begins to resemble actual reality, only with bigger pixels.


Dr Hitchcock – Disco Brutus (F.L.O.) – Official Single Release


Hey Synthwave peeps!

It’s 808 Day so why not put out another 808 and 303 laced dance tune! This is my latest track “Disco Brutus (F.L.O.)“. I’ve been sitting on it for a while and felt that now was a great time to share it you all. For more of the media release-y stuff keep on readin’ 🙃

Dr H.

Stream / Download from Hyperfollow or Bandcamp.

Dive into the year 2323 with the enthralling new synthwave track, “Disco Brutus (F.L.O.)“. This cybernetic symphony is the latest track from the future’s favourite humanoid Panda, Dr Hitchcock. Imprisoned in a hexagonal TARDIS-like enclosure, he fills the void with his sassy synthesizer sounds. Thrilling listeners across dimensions, his latest creation fervently echoes the rhythmic pulse of a future lost yet fondly remembered!?

For fans of:

  • Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop theme)
  • Todd Tejre
  • Roland TB-303 and TR-808
  • Synthwave, Italo Disco, House

Dr Hitchcock – bio

From the vibrant streets of Narrm | Brunswick West, Melbourne, emerges the musical tech lord, Dr Hitchcock. Originally from the lush landscapes of Taranaki, Aotearoa | New Zealand, Dr Hitchcock has evolved from his mid-90s Rave and Grunge roots to become a captivating DJ and a burgeoning music producer.

With decades of DJ experience, he crafts a mesmerizing blend of Indie, Psych Rock, ElectroClash, Techno, and House. Recently supporting James Curd (Greenskeepers), Tom Cosm (Aotearoa), and Markj | Mr Soundfood (Taranaki, NZ), Dr Hitchcock’s live and DJ sets paint dancefloors with a vivid sonic palette that’s impossible to resist.

Not content with just DJing, Dr Hitchcock has taken the plunge into music production and performing live over the past 18 months, unveiling his own original tracks. These releases showcase his innate ability to transcend genres, infusing each creation with a dash of his eclectic influences.

Kerry’s Birthday Party


My good friend Kerry asked if I could play her birthday party. Fresh off a banger of a gig at Obie’s I thought “hells yeah!”. The brief was upbeat party vibes so I played the likes of Justice, Bowie, Gameboy/Gamegirl, Haiku Hands, Soulwax, Uffie, Duck Sauce, The Rapture as well as one of my own towards the end. Party on yo!

“Dark Lorde 8888” Single Release Show


Dr Hitchcock’s latest single “Dark Lorde 8888 feat. Ben Johnson” is now live on Bandcamp, Spotify and many more to come so why not tune in for the official release show!?

You can also listen on Soundcloud.

Woop woop! On this show Dr H played:

Artist – Song
Dr Hitchcock – Dark Lorde 8888 feat. Ben Johnson (of course 😘)
Phillipi – 9000
Red Axes – Some Lights
Carl Cox & Fatboy Slim – Speed Trials on Acid feat. Dan Diamond (Riton Extended Mix)
Tiga – Mind Dimension 2 – 2022 edit
Unloved & Raven Violet – Turn of the Screw – Erol Alkan Rework
Wet Leg – Too Late Now – Soulwax Remix
LO’99 – Acid Worldwide – “XY” Remix
Benjamin Fröhlich – Club Fantasy – DJ City Remix
Channel Tres – Acid In My Blood
Yazmine – Spell (Stullett Remix)
Radiohead – Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)