Coming from Northcote Melbourne, New Ways To Noise is a weekly 1 hour selection of (primarily electronic) Uber-Independent Post-punk.

The show is mainly made up of new releases from the international synth-punk diaspora. Expect the best emerging acts from the underworld of Coldwave, Minimalwave, Electropunk, Darkwave and basically anything involving a drum machine and a cheap synth.

Streaming from 8K.NZ on Friday nights at 9pm Christchurch time (that’s 7pm Melbourne, 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York). The set is then repeated on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

Band/label submissions and exclusives are more than welcome.


NW2N - S06E17



New Ways To Noise - S06E16


Oppenheimer MkII - Out In The Field
GRÜN WASSER - 123 Windows
Danger Beach - Carousel  
Träneninvasion - Sentimental
LA JUNGLE - La Jour Du Cobra
SUPERNOVA 1006      - Hands Around My Throat  
Kurs Valüt     - Paket Reform
нат.аша - wie.son
This Is The Bridge - New Form Of Life
Minuit Machine - Sisters
TRUCK STOP ALIEN - Shape of Things to Come
∴ - Heat
Winkie - The Line Up
Implog - Holland Tunnel Drive

NW2Noise - S06E15


Black Cab     - Rotsler's Rules
Kurs Valüt - Intercity
Frohm - Cendres
Truck Stop Alien - BazaarBarella
Bleib Modern - Glow
Burning City - Clouds
Unroyal - Talk (Outtake Mix)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Souvenir
The Lathe - What We Thought We Knew
Trevor Something - No Love
Dachau David - War
Petit Bourgeois Sauvage - Parklaan
Berlin Express - Die Russen kommen
The Bleak Engineers - Existance
Vive la fête - Mon dieu