Coming from Northcote in Melbourne, New Ways To Noise is a weekly 1 hour selection of (primarily electronic) Uber-Independent Post-punk.

The show is mainly made up of new releases from the international synth-punk diaspora. Expect the best emerging acts from the underworld of Coldwave, Minimalwave, Electropunk, Darkwave and basically anything involving a drum machine and a cheap synth.

Streaming from 8K.NZ on Friday nights at 9pm Christchurch time (that’s 7pm Melbourne, 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York). The set is then repeated on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

Band/label submissions and exclusives are more than welcome.


New Ways To Noise - S07E37



NW2N - S07E36


 Total Chroma - Northern Lights
Vlure - Shattered Faith
Liquid Land - Empty Faces
Carlo Onda - Sleepy Extended
This Is The Bridge - Nowhere To Hide
Mammoths nests - Clyde
Ciaran Harte - Love Is Strange
Essaie pas - Retox
Shanghai Au Go-Go - I Cried All Winter
Zen Khaos - OBLIVION
Silberstreif - Ich suche Dein Gesicht
Inhalt - Commerce
WILDES - Konsum
Promenade Cinema - Spellbound

NW2Noise - S07E35


Minimal Schlager - Forbidden Fruit
LEATHERS - Ultraviolet
Sans Retour - Fading Away
Algebra Suicide - Praxis
DIE TRAURIGEN - 80s(no future)
Bracco - Fribourg
Neun Tage - Tidal Wave
Stacian - Volx
Trait d’union - Dans tes yeux
Digital Leather - Stay In Bed
Stereoskop - I Am The One
3 Teens kill 4 - Crime Drama
Beta Evers - I Like
Inhalt - Language
Ex-Decima - Vive Le Vapeur