Coming from Northcote in Melbourne, New Ways To Noise is a weekly 1 hour selection of (primarily electronic) Uber-Independent Post-punk.

The show is mainly made up of new releases from the international synth-punk diaspora. Expect the best emerging acts from the underworld of Coldwave, Minimalwave, Electropunk, Darkwave and basically anything involving a drum machine and a cheap synth.

Streaming from 8K.NZ on Friday nights at 9pm Christchurch time (that’s 7pm Melbourne, 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York). The set is then repeated on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

Band/label submissions and exclusives are more than welcome.


New Ways To Noise - S08E11



New Ways To Noise - S08E10


Fragile Self - Influx In Flux
Britney25 - Clanicule
Alan Harman - 1249-130
A Popular History Of Signs - Crowds
Cosey Müller - Jetzt oder später
Hot Cold Power - Calling You Mr. Nr. 2
This Is The Bridge - Factory
Belly Hatcher - Fuck up
Korine - Crystalline
Recht Auf Rausch - Stallingrad (2.0)
MUMUSE  - Cnsm
Second Planet - Never Never Land
Asylum Promises - Δρόμος
 Elisa Flores - A Frozen Tale


NW2N - S08E09


Alan Harman - At The Gate
Schulverweis - Mehr
Hororhaus/Square Hollow - Gravitate
Second Planet - Alles Was Ist
Plague Pits - Divide - Subtract
Oberst Panizza - Quand je ne serai plus là
britney25 - hit n°1 en R.F.A
Warum Joe - Ralph Und Karl
Hot Cold Power - Tell Me That You'll Love Me Forever
Kiss of the Whip - To Oblivion
AN_NA - Tomorrow
Procession - Pressure
Svaj. - Fallback
Nothing New - Nice Weather
Human 80  - Radioactivity