Coming from Northcote in Melbourne, New Ways To Noise is a weekly 1 hour selection of (primarily electronic) Uber-Independent Post-punk.

The show is mainly made up of new releases from the international synth-punk diaspora. Expect the best emerging acts from the underworld of Coldwave, Minimalwave, Electropunk, Darkwave and basically anything involving a drum machine and a cheap synth.

Streaming from 8K.NZ on Friday nights at 9pm Christchurch time (that’s 7pm Melbourne, 10am Paris, 9am London, 4am New York). The set is then repeated on Sunday, Monday and Thursdays.

Band/label submissions and exclusives are more than welcome.


NW2N - S09E06


 Faceta Oscura - Baile Mecanico
Moonvampire - Nobody
MeLLLo - You AnD Me
Post Analog Disorder - Feel Alive
Basse Fidélité  - Primitif
Jill Kiddon, Christiania Krueger  - Dust
Larsovitch - Καρδιές
Gold Zebra - Back In The Dust
The Secret Experiment - Motionless
Magicien Windows - Elite du vide
Elende Leiber - Moloch
Dancing Plague - Echoes of the Void
This Is The Bridge - Here I Am
IVUR - Shatter
Alone in the Rain - corri nel buio

NW2N - S09E05


 Explosivos Riotinto - Slot Car Racing
Nadia A      - Erfinde Dich Neu
Crash Course In Science - It Cost's To Be Austere
Latex Cop - We Know Where You Live
The Umlauts - Mad Blue Love
High Marks - Cobalt Ure
Noromakina - Dismal
Blanche Biau - Song To The Siren
Zudpöl - Grey Squares
Tout Debord - Le Miroir
Schlussphase - Bunkerleben
Sean Peleman  - Rumour
Ornamented Gauze - Black Horizon
This Is The Bridge - The Dead Past
Virgin Prunes - Baby Turns Blue
Elende Leiber - Deletion
Ashen Decay - Last Rites 

New Ways To Noise - S09E04