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Future Jungle Sessions #68 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #68 // 8K.NZ Radio // 12.06.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

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Voltage, Demolition Man - Life Of A DJ (Waeys Remix) [Hospital Records]

Alix Perez, Monty - Untitled Malware [1985 Music]

DLR - U.D.O [Future Cut Recordings]

Bladerunner - Jah Selecta [Hi Resolution]

Stay-C - Russian Doll [Hospital Records]

Dutta, Bone Slim - Tokyo Drift [Souped Up Records]

Screamarts - Cosmic Wave [Delta9 Recordings]

The Caracal Project, Skylark - Run [DIVIDID]


Conrad Subs - Blunted [Wonky Goose Audio]

Jayline - The Galapagos Islands [Liondub International]

Flava D, DRS, Paige Eliza - All We Ever Do [Hospital Records]

Kolectiv, Mauoq - Political [Rebel Music]

Jammez, 4K - Falling Down [DnB Allstars Records]

Unglued - Sunbathing In Space [Hospital Records]

Universal Project - Lost in it [Dispatch Recordings]

Hydro, War - Fugue [Utopia Music]

NC-17 - Razor’s Edge [Dispatch Recordings]

Geostatic - Revelation [DLT9]

NC-17, Dauntless - Gator [Dispatch Recordings]

Nuvertal - Ronin’ In the West [Celsius Recordings]

Sili - Sherlock [Delta9 Recordings]

Polarized, J:Rover - Karate Style [SINE Audio]

KarmasynK - Survival [Formation Records]

Phibes, DnB Allstars - Real Champion [Allstars RAW]

Kleu - Searching [Device]

Lee Mvtthews, Trei - Control [Viper Recordings]

Memento Mori - Reason [KINFree]

Lexurus - Crystalize [Liquicity Records]

The Caracal Project, Skylark, LaMeduza - Quick of Breath [DIVIDID]

Waeys - Real [Delta9 Recordings]

DPR - All On You [Future Retro]

Conrad Subs - All Massive (Motiv Remix) [Original Key Records]

BassBrothers - Say Yeah [Chronic]

DJ Andy - Bad Boy Dread [Dubplate Dread]

High Contrast - Remind Me (High Contrast Jungle Mix) [3Beat]

K Motionz - Tell You [UKF]

Sl8r, Duskee - Evolving [Shogun Audio]

Nuvaman - M5 Soundtrack [Archway Records UK]

Jaybee - Beach Run [Flight Pattern Records]

Jubei, Submotive - Component [Carbon Music]

Future Cut - 20/21 (DLR Remix) [Future Cut Recordings]

Mark System - On Top [Metalheadz]

Dillinja - Thugged out Bitch [Valve Recordings]

Unkoded - Step It to ‘Em (Booyaka) [Liquid V]

Missing, Trex, Heidi Vogel - Less Than Zero [Spearhead Records]

ShortBall - Moving Mountains [Totara Records]

Witters, Matisse - Burning Cold [Lunchbox Records]

Prestige - Beautiful [Program]

Voltage, Sweetie Irie - Natty Love (Serum Remix) [Hospital Records]

Conrad Subs - Lets Go [Influence Records]

Nu:Tone, DJ Rae - Shelter [Hospital Records]

makoto - Contact [Hospital Records]

Kushty - Take Me [Formation Records]

Pyxis, Mitekiss - Stardust [Goldfat Records]

Macca, Loz Contreras, Critical Event - Snow [Fokuz Recordings]

Scepticz - Bad Juju [Prestige Music Group]

Lenzman - Yasukuni [The North Quarter]

Break - Flow [Symmetry Recordings]

Missing, Trex, Ella Jones - Brighter Now [Spearhead Records]

Kublai - Free Flow [C.I.A.]

Levela - Vanished [Critical Music]

Kublai - Revelation [C.I.A.]

Taxman, MC Moose - Listen Good [Playaz Recordings]

FX909 - Few Days [Voyage Music]

Jubei - Slipstream [Carbon Music]

Mark System - Wanna Dance [Metalheadz]

Tephra, Paolo - Never Look Back [In-Reach Records]

Heron Flow - Bodega [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Bcee, Degs - Magic Words (Levela Remix) [Spearhead Records]

DC Breaks, Levela - Step Up (Levela Remix) [RAM Records]

Dizzee Rascal - I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift Remix) [Charge Recordings]

Jubei - Running Scared [Carbon Music]

M-Zine - Redux [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Offline - Ultra Violet [Deep Within Recordings]

Pharoah - Threshold [Liondub International]

Quadrant, Iris, Klippee, Combine - AeroPress [Guidance]

Radiax, Leo Wood - Coming For You [Unchained Recordings]

Surreal, Motiv - Victoria [Fokuz Recordings]

Submorphics, Big Brooklyn Red - Daydreaming (Echo Brown Remix) [The North Quarter]

Asylum - Da Base II Dark (Stealth Remix) [Metalheadz]

Future Jungle Sessions #67 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #67 // 8K.NZ Radio // 5.06.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

In this brand new session for 8K.NZ I delve into fresh tunes from Conrad Subs, DEDMAN, flaco, Inertia, Kushty, Lenzman, Levela, Monrroe, Posk, Surveillance, The Upbeats, Universal Project and Workforce. Plus, label features for Elevate, Flexout, Fokuz, Formation, Hospital, RAM, Spearhead and 31 Recs.

Unglued, Esther Durin - Way Back When [Hospital Records]

Kushty - Nostalgia [Formation Records]

Phatt - Lost In Space [Hyperactivity Music]

Technimatic - Minefield [Technimatic Music]

Workforce - Apply The Breaks [1985 Music]

Covert Garden, Jaybee - Searchlights [Covert Garden]

Disrupta - Like The Sun [Hospital Records]

Kushty - Utopia [Formation Records]

Conrad Subs - Opus [Deep Pan]

Dossa & Locuzzed - Dusk [Viper Recordings]

DJ Phantasy - Techno Viking [Easy Records]

Sub Focus - Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) [RAM Records]

Metrik - Gravity [Hospital Records]

Acuna, L-side - The Way You Move [Chronic]

flaco - Ghoul [Co-Lab Recordings]

AC13 - Headlights [Onyx Recordings]

DEDMAN - Lead [Four Corners]

Levela - Elyse [Critical Music]

Oram - Fine Wine [Audio Addict Records]

Inertia (NZ) - Voodoo [IN:DEEP Music]

Black Opps - Rain [Vandal Records]

Posk - Where I Want [sub:stance recordings]

Solr - Tears [Influenza Media]

DEDMAN - My Heart (Myth Remix) [Incurzion Audio]

L-Side - Spellbound (Spirit Remix) [V Recordings]

Kasra - Die 4 It [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Villem - 96’ [Symmetry Recordings]

Sola, Organix, Sammie Hall - Leave Your World Behind [Formation Records]

Emba - Mirrors [Spearhead Records]

Tephra - Processes [In-Reach Records]

flaco - Furnace (Teej Remix) [Co-Lab Recordings]

Lenzman, Fox - Starlight [The North Quarter]

Walk:r - Everything I Said [Spearhead Records]

Rene LaVice, Ayah Marar - Good Life [Device]

Conrad Subs, Sammie Hall, MC Swadie - What You Mean To Me [Beats In Mind]

DLR - Sufferation [Sofa Sound]

MC Fats, L-Side - High Times (Break Remix) [V Recordings]

D*Minds, T>I - Charged [RUN]

Cnof - Banner VIP [Fokuz Recordings]

Dunk - Pirate Junkies (T95 Remix) [Bowlcut Beats]

Hiraeth - You Were Mine [Galacy Records]

Hydro, War, Mateba - Detroit [Utopia Music]

Monrroe, Operate - Nothing [Shogun Audio]

Alcemist - Repression [DnB Allstars Records]

Madcap - Badlands [Myriad Recordings]

Stereotype - All I Need [Formation Records]

London Grammar - Lord It’s A Feeling (High Contrast Remix) [Universal Music Group]

Skantia, Nectax - Providence [RAM Records]

TNT - 2 Degrees (Dominator & Logan D Remix) [Kartoons]

Ben Snow - Ekstac [Elevate Records]

Phace, Affe Maria - PLAISIR PLAISIR [Neosignal Recordings]

Lenzman - Down for Whatever (Jubei Remix) [The North Quarter]

Universal Project - Lose Control [Innerground Records]

Workforce - Don t Tell (Part II) [1985 Music]

Universal Project, Taelimb - Mouse Trap [Innerground Records]

Workforce - Reasons [1985 Music]

Black Barrel - Combat [Dispatch Recordings]

Vektah - Request [Soulvent Records]

Sub Zero, T95, MadRush MC - Step Back [Propaganda Audio]

Walk:r - Golden Hour [Spearhead Records]

Artsea - Jitter [Future Retro]

Motiv - Since You Left Her [Liquid Lab]

Screamarts - Endless Journey Inwards [Flexout Audio]

Fox, DLR & Alix Perez - Walk Out [The North Quarter]

Heron Flow - Puncture Marks [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Speaker Louis, Blackout JA - The City Is Burning (S.P.Y Remix) [Original Key Records]

SPY - Bad Monday [DARKMTTR]

Bou - Cous Cous (Instrumental) [Gossip]

Monrroe - Warsaw [Shogun Audio]

Posk, Natty D - Run Dem [sub:stance recordings]

Inner Terrain, Wreckless - Big Drama [Metalheadz]

Workforce - Show You Something New feat. Javeon [1985 Music]

Surveillance - The Way [Influenza Media]

Fred V, SAYAH - Trust Me [Hospital Records]

Heft - True Love [Dnbb Digital]

Invadhertz, Jamal Dilmen, Felix Raymon - Too Much [Flexout Audio]

Monika & Akuratyde - Amber [Fokuz Recordings]

Millbrook, Cara Islay - Green Light [Elevate Records]

The Upbeats, Sylvee - Divide [Vision Recordings]

Levela - Realities [Vision Recordings]

Future Jungle Sessions #66 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #66 // 8K.NZ Radio // 15.05.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Absolutely massive week for tunes and I’ve lovingly compiled a cross-section of them for your listening pleasure! Pristine production from Kiwi’s Breakr, J Plates, Lee Mvtthews and Need for Mirrors - album features from Battery & Philth, Bcee & Charlotte Haining, Brain, Dunk, Duoscience, Madcap, NC-17, Response, Stand Together and Taelimb - label love for Dispatch, Gorilla Warfare, Intrigue Music, Lost Recordings, Overview Music and ProgRAM - plus cutting edge sonic artistry by Bladerunner, gyrofield, Kleu, Rohaan, Serum and Trex!

Paul T & Edward Oberon, Cleveland Watkiss - Music’s Got Soul [V Recordings]

NC-17 - Most Violent Year [Dispatch Recordings]

Dunk, T95 - Pirate Radio [Playaz Recordings]

Trex - Teach One [Stand Together]

Raw Q - NY State of Mine (Ben Soundscape Remix) [Intrigue Music]

The Skeptics - Simple Things (Drytek Remix) [Intrigue Music]

Kaloa - Should’ve Listened [KALOA Music]

Mutt, Kelmo - Come Back to Me [Influenza Media]

Mrs Magoo, DJ Hybrid - Back To 96 [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Taelimb, Airglo - Satisfaction [Rebel Music]

Response - Manhunter [Metalheadz]

Revan, Primitive Instinct - Back At It [Midas Touch Recordings]

SOTA - Moshers [Low Down Deep Recordings]

Rohaan - CCC [Sable Valley Records]

Speaker Louis, Epicentre - Unity [Nuusic]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining, Emba - Home for Good (Villem Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Amante - Stepper’s Delight [Intrigue Music]

Abstr4ct - Mbour Mystery [ProgRAM]

Brain, Dave Owen - Slow Burn [Dispatch Recordings]

Qua Rush - Handle With Care [Lost Recordings]

Data 3 - Saturn Ditch [Flexout Audio]

Alyness - Too Late [Four Corners]

Monrroe, Riya - Closer [Shogun Audio]

Hybert Phillips - Rove Dark Place [Lost Recordings]

Beeson - Huntsman [ProgRAM]

Steve Spacek - Follow Me (Skeptical Remix) [Eglo Records]

NC-17, Masheen - Overdue [Dispatch Recordings]

Taelimb, Airglo - Momentum [Rebel Music]

Jon Tho - The Way You Were [Blackout Music NL]

K Motionz, IC3 - Reaction [K Motionz Music]

High Demand - Confession (Bungle Remix) [Terabyte Records]

Offline, EN:VY - Can You Say [Deep Within Recordings]

Cyantific - Falling Apart [Viper Recordings]

Visages - Momentum [1985 Music]

M-Zine - Umbra [Deep Within Recordings]

Legion, Logam, Collette Warren - Cold Black Soul [Intrigue Music]

Optical - Slip Thru [Virus Recordings]

Odyo - Supernatural [Fresh Recordings]

Lee Mvtthews, Watson - In a Moment [Device]

Blanke - Alchemy (ShockOne Remix) [Deadbeats]

DJ Brockie, Ed Solo - Echo Box (Serum Remix) [Undiluted Recordings]

Serum - Gator [Critical Music]

JOY ORBISON - HYPH MNGO (Need For Mirrors Bootleg) [Soul In Motion]

Cadense, Sinematic (UK) - Forgive (Waeys Remix) [Bowlcut Beats]

Xtrah, Genic - HOLDING ON [Cyberfunk]

Yaano - By Myself [Overview Music]

Kemi Ade, Redeyes - PROMISE (Redeyes Remix) [tenwest]

Duoscience - Midnight Eye [Celsius Recordings]

Iskia - Feel So [Gorilla Warfare]

Bert H, Sydney - Truth Of A Lover [Galacy Records]

Breakr - Submerge [Burna Records]

Speaker Louis, Epicentre - Out Here [Nuusic]

Bios Destruction - Useless Weapon [Citrus Recordings]

Bladerunner - Switchblade [Hi Resolution]

Brain, Asura, Yatuza - Wavetable [Dispatch Recordings]

Dunk - Scamp [Playaz Recordings]

Kastro - Particles [Overview Music]

Madcap - Mind Control [Myriad Recordings]

Modestep - Forever [UKF]

Nymfo, Edlan - Warehouse Tune [Liquicity Records]

Trex - Cresta Run [Overview Music]

R1C0 - Late Lab [Intrigue Music]

Response, Pliskin - The Pusher [Metalheadz]

Catching Cairo - Surface (BCee Remix) [Catching Cairo]

Tweakz - With You [Stand Together]

Battery & Philth - Ambra [Dispatch Recordings]

Battery & Philth - For Real [Dispatch Recordings]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining - Almost There (Deadline Remix) [Spearhead Records]

gyrofield - 23nd [Inspected]

HeadRead - Rave Era [ProgRAM]

Kleu - Play You [Gorilla Warfare]

Surreal, Sl8r - Three Stripes [Fokuz Recordings]

Response - Betrayal [Metalheadz]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining, DRS - Love for the Fallen (Satl Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Veak - Bringing The Vibe [Original Key Records]

Madcap - B-Boy [Myriad Recordings]

Loxy, INK - Headz Roll (Ink, Loxy, Resound & Gremlinz Remix) [Razors Edge]

Loxy, INK, Resound - Think [Razors Edge]

J Plates - Going Deeper [Bare Necessity Records]

Sulex - Halftoned [Ekou Recordings]

Kleu - No Way Home [Beats In Mind]

NC-17, Kumarachi - Mood Point [Dispatch Recordings]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith, MC Navigator - Let the Bass Kick [Formation Records]

Duoscience - Color Set [Celsius Recordings]

Higher(Than) - Space Funk [Erculean Recordings]

Madcap - Bleep Track [Myriad Recordings]

Nookie, Soulstructure - New Day [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Rochelle Jordan (ft Alix Perez) - Love You Good [Young Art Records]

Hugh Hardie, D.E.O.N - Overture [Hospital Records]

NC-17 - Excellent day for an Exorcism [Dispatch Recordings]