Join DJ Gwarden for a full spectrum journey through Future Jungle vibes and Drum & Bass riddims, from the freshest duppy cuts to the deepest rave classics. Broadcasting live every week from the heart of Ōtautahi, New Zealand – keep it locked!


Future Jungle Sessions #98 // 8K.NZ Radio // May...


Future Jungle Sessions #98 // 8K.NZ Radio // May 2022


LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 13:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Athena - Divine Intervention [Hospital Records]

A:D - Sense in Life [Soul Deep Digital]

Soul Intent - Take Your Time (Original Mix) [Lossless Music]

Drum Force 1 - Lazy Cat [Soul Deep Digital]

Thread - Steel Words [Integral Records]

Low:r, Aleya Mae - Make the Most [Spearhead Records]

Thread, Georgia Rose - Astray [inHabit Recordings]

Leniz, Brainwork - Word For Word [Differential Recordings]

AYDN - Left Apart [Goldfat Records]

Chisel, Monika - Hold it Down [DarkMode]

Break, Total Science - Blame You [Triii Audio]

Jaydan - Tonight [DARKMTTR Records]

Ozoh - Endless Grey [Delta9 Recordings]

Trex - Lean Time [Audioporn Records Ltd]

Resound - Escapes [Dispatch Recordings]

Whiney, Slay - Back In Action [Hospital Records]

Break, Total Science - Aardvark [Triii Audio]

Archaea - Singularity [Pick ‘n’ Mix]

Dope Ammo, Benny Page, Halflight, Cat Mctigue - I Need Your Loving (Halflight Remix) [Dope Ammo Records]

Synergy, Skylark - Made of Glass [Pilot Records]

Hyukari - Sea of Ink [Skankandbass]

Document One - Flute Ting [Elevate Records]

Dub Phizix - Roundeer [SenkaSonic]

Critycal Dub - Mindlock [Faces Of Jungle]

Kumarachi - Bad Boy Sound [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Oram - Smokin Trees [Jungle Cakes]

Sl8r - Shoebox [ThirtyOne Recordings]

Stay-C - Sploof [Hospital Records]

Nymfo, flowanastasia - Follow the Leader [Sofa Sound]

C:Critz - Signal [DLT9]

Ezor - 32 Seconds (Original Mix) [Ekou Recordings]

Dunk, Mjay - King Maker [Formation Records]

Inja - Not Bad [Inja Music]

Nami Ongaku - Waver [Overview Music]

Irrelevant - Price Of Fish [Vihara]

Theoretical - Severely Limited [Onyx Recordings]

Submotive, Krakota - Poisoned [Metalheadz]

Bungle - Trigger (Original Mix) [117]

Bob White - Fresh Look [Vandal Records]

Alpha Rhythm, Humanature, Leo Wood - Keeping On (Villem Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]

Gest - Reverence [Shogun Audio]

The Upbeats, Joe Dukie - Beams (Monty Remix) [Vision Recordings]

L-side, MC Moose - Dub Dogs [V Recordings]

The Upbeats, Sylvee - Divide (Rohaan Remix) [Vision Recordings]

The Upbeats, Joe Dukie - Beams (Monty Remix) [Vision Recordings]

ACRAZE, Cherish, Sub Focus - Do It To It (Sub Focus Remix) [Thrive Music]

Future Jungle Sessions #97 // 8K.NZ Radio // May...


Future Jungle Sessions #97 // 8K.NZ Radio // May 2022


LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 13:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Phase, Tyler Daley - Only One [Metalheadz]

makoto - Ascender [Hospital Records]

Beat Merchants, Charlie Wilson - Hold On (Champagne Mix) [Killa Watts]

Seba - Lviv [Together with Ukraine]

DSP - Back & Forth [Symmetry Recordings]

Zerozero - Respect [Rebel Music]

Quartz - Gateway [Utopia Music]

No Patterns - Worlds [Dazed Muzic]

Jam Thieves, Nymfo - Machine Gun [Dispatch Recordings]

Creatures - Meh [Ekou Recordings]

HEXA - Desert Springs [Incurzion Audio]

Technicolour, Technimatic - Satisfy [Technimatic Music]

Chopstick Dubplate - Shimmy Yah Version [Chopstick Dubplate]

J:Rover - Irie [Co-Lab Recordings]

Basstripper - Back To Normal [Radar Records]

Bad Company UK - Tetris [RAM Records]

Dose - Ketamean [Prescriptionz]

Watch the Ride, Emz - READY4DEM [Hospital Records]

Tenchu - Sequels [IN:DEEP Music]

Bop - Space 2 Breathe VIP [Together with Ukraine]

Neonlight, flowanastasia - Desire [Blackout Music NL]

Bastion - Stuck In Time [UKF]

Freaks & Geeks - Down With Your Love [Elevate Records]

DJ Fresh, MC Jakes - Shots (Flite Remix) [Breakbeat Kaos]

Workforce - Attention to Suffering [Must Make Music]

Euphonique, Redders - Reload [Hospital Records]

Tryst Temps - Maya [Impact Music]

Jet Li - Foundation [Function Records]

Ben Rolo - Let It Flow [Program]

HLZ, Cleveland Watkiss - Dusk til Dawn [Influence Records]

Oli Lewis - I Don’t Wanna Know [Grid Recordings UK]

Alix Perez, Verbz - Stayed the Same [1985 Music]

Tokyo Prose, FD - Ultra Travolta [The North Quarter]

Vektah - Good To Me [Soulvent Records]

imo-Lu - Hard Feelings [Hospital Records]

Conrad Subs - Tropic Thunder [Liquid Flow]

Hoax - Cut To The Chase [Primitive UK]

Particle, Molecular - Switch Hunt [Critical Music]

Theoretical - Murky Waters [Onyx Recordings]

Tenchu - Get Grimey [IN:DEEP Music]

Think Tonk - I See Love [Spearhead Records]

DRS, T95 - Comme Ci [Shogun Audio]

Härkä - Work Ya Body [Unchained Recordings]

T95 - Bounce [Playaz Recordings]

Zerozero, Teknian - Ruff [Rebel Music]

Sureshock - Lava Lamp [Machinist Music]

Parly B, Riddim Tuffa - Leggo Beast (Jayline Remix) [Liondub International]

Future Jungle Sessions #96 // 8K.NZ Radio // May...


Future Jungle Sessions #96 // 8K.NZ Radio // May 2022


LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 13:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Klinical, Sydney Bryce, Duskee - My Own [Critical Music]

Theoretical - Exquisite [Delta9 Recordings]

Mitekiss, Vonne - Losing Sleep [Hospital Records]

Motiv - Drop the Hint [Balearic Breaks]

SOLAH - Everything Is Possible [Hospital Records]

Bungle - Warning [Spearhead Records]

Blade (Dnb) - Lost Time [Fokuz Recordings]

Sureshock - Box Cutter Dub [Machinist Music]

Mistic - The Underneath [Formation Records]

HLZ - Capone Diet [Together with Ukraine]

L-side - Atomic [Chronic]

Parly B, Subactive Sound - Dem a Try (L-Side Remix) [Liondub International]

Klinical, Sustance - Skip Tracer [Critical Music]

Conrad Subs, Speaker Louis - Tuffest Sound [Gorilla Warfare]

Theoretical - Revival [Onyx Recordings]

Sudley - Lift Me Up [Dazed Muzic]

Insideinfo, Levela - Creatures [Souped Up Records]

Archaea - Under The Veil [Pick ‘n’ Mix]

Subwave - Possession [Hospital Records]

Ozoh - Spectral [Delta9 Recordings]

Logistics - Beacon [Together with Ukraine]

Paul SG - Unlike (Madcap Remix) [Jazzsticks Recordings]

Terror, Lottie Woodward - Come as You Are [Spearhead Records]

Artsea - Lesser Kings [onesevenfour]

Flaco - Reveal [Influence Records]

Thing - Disco Out [Dubthing Records]

Charlie B - Space Dust [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Refracta - Point & Shoot [Elevate Records]

Phibes - Unite (VIP) [Phat Planet]

DJ Rap - Pull It Up [Propa Talent]

Joely - Rasta Finga [One Eighty Records]

Toby Ross, Oram - M25 [Jungle Cakes]

Nectax, Parly B - Babylon Get Weak [Hospital Records]

Chopstick Dubplate - Cuss Version [Chopstick Dubplate]

Thread - Gatekeeper [Integral Records]

Kung - Don’t See [Program]

Tantrum Desire - In the Dance [Technique Recordings]

Hoax - Need [Primitive UK]

Tenkei - Shinkai [Fokuz Recordings]

Jubei - Tradition [Carbon Music]

J:Rover, Chamba - Nasty [Co-Lab Recordings]

Dunk, MC Fats - City of God [Formation Records]

Tokyo Prose, Steo - Lift You Up (Satl Remix) [The North Quarter]

Tenkei - Afterlife [Fokuz Recordings]

Fluidity - Feelings [Innerground Records]

Jaydan - Sundown [DARKMTTR Records]

Winslow - Bob & Weave [Hospital Records]