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Future Jungle Sessions #66 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #66 // 8K.NZ Radio // 15.05.2021

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Absolutely massive week for tunes and I’ve lovingly compiled a cross-section of them for your listening pleasure! Pristine production from Kiwi’s Breakr, J Plates, Lee Mvtthews and Need for Mirrors - album features from Battery & Philth, Bcee & Charlotte Haining, Brain, Dunk, Duoscience, Madcap, NC-17, Response, Stand Together and Taelimb - label love for Dispatch, Gorilla Warfare, Intrigue Music, Lost Recordings, Overview Music and ProgRAM - plus cutting edge sonic artistry by Bladerunner, gyrofield, Kleu, Rohaan, Serum and Trex!

Paul T & Edward Oberon, Cleveland Watkiss - Music’s Got Soul [V Recordings]

NC-17 - Most Violent Year [Dispatch Recordings]

Dunk, T95 - Pirate Radio [Playaz Recordings]

Trex - Teach One [Stand Together]

Raw Q - NY State of Mine (Ben Soundscape Remix) [Intrigue Music]

The Skeptics - Simple Things (Drytek Remix) [Intrigue Music]

Kaloa - Should’ve Listened [KALOA Music]

Mutt, Kelmo - Come Back to Me [Influenza Media]

Mrs Magoo, DJ Hybrid - Back To 96 [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Taelimb, Airglo - Satisfaction [Rebel Music]

Response - Manhunter [Metalheadz]

Revan, Primitive Instinct - Back At It [Midas Touch Recordings]

SOTA - Moshers [Low Down Deep Recordings]

Rohaan - CCC [Sable Valley Records]

Speaker Louis, Epicentre - Unity [Nuusic]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining, Emba - Home for Good (Villem Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Amante - Stepper’s Delight [Intrigue Music]

Abstr4ct - Mbour Mystery [ProgRAM]

Brain, Dave Owen - Slow Burn [Dispatch Recordings]

Qua Rush - Handle With Care [Lost Recordings]

Data 3 - Saturn Ditch [Flexout Audio]

Alyness - Too Late [Four Corners]

Monrroe, Riya - Closer [Shogun Audio]

Hybert Phillips - Rove Dark Place [Lost Recordings]

Beeson - Huntsman [ProgRAM]

Steve Spacek - Follow Me (Skeptical Remix) [Eglo Records]

NC-17, Masheen - Overdue [Dispatch Recordings]

Taelimb, Airglo - Momentum [Rebel Music]

Jon Tho - The Way You Were [Blackout Music NL]

K Motionz, IC3 - Reaction [K Motionz Music]

High Demand - Confession (Bungle Remix) [Terabyte Records]

Offline, EN:VY - Can You Say [Deep Within Recordings]

Cyantific - Falling Apart [Viper Recordings]

Visages - Momentum [1985 Music]

M-Zine - Umbra [Deep Within Recordings]

Legion, Logam, Collette Warren - Cold Black Soul [Intrigue Music]

Optical - Slip Thru [Virus Recordings]

Odyo - Supernatural [Fresh Recordings]

Lee Mvtthews, Watson - In a Moment [Device]

Blanke - Alchemy (ShockOne Remix) [Deadbeats]

DJ Brockie, Ed Solo - Echo Box (Serum Remix) [Undiluted Recordings]

Serum - Gator [Critical Music]

JOY ORBISON - HYPH MNGO (Need For Mirrors Bootleg) [Soul In Motion]

Cadense, Sinematic (UK) - Forgive (Waeys Remix) [Bowlcut Beats]

Xtrah, Genic - HOLDING ON [Cyberfunk]

Yaano - By Myself [Overview Music]

Kemi Ade, Redeyes - PROMISE (Redeyes Remix) [tenwest]

Duoscience - Midnight Eye [Celsius Recordings]

Iskia - Feel So [Gorilla Warfare]

Bert H, Sydney - Truth Of A Lover [Galacy Records]

Breakr - Submerge [Burna Records]

Speaker Louis, Epicentre - Out Here [Nuusic]

Bios Destruction - Useless Weapon [Citrus Recordings]

Bladerunner - Switchblade [Hi Resolution]

Brain, Asura, Yatuza - Wavetable [Dispatch Recordings]

Dunk - Scamp [Playaz Recordings]

Kastro - Particles [Overview Music]

Madcap - Mind Control [Myriad Recordings]

Modestep - Forever [UKF]

Nymfo, Edlan - Warehouse Tune [Liquicity Records]

Trex - Cresta Run [Overview Music]

R1C0 - Late Lab [Intrigue Music]

Response, Pliskin - The Pusher [Metalheadz]

Catching Cairo - Surface (BCee Remix) [Catching Cairo]

Tweakz - With You [Stand Together]

Battery & Philth - Ambra [Dispatch Recordings]

Battery & Philth - For Real [Dispatch Recordings]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining - Almost There (Deadline Remix) [Spearhead Records]

gyrofield - 23nd [Inspected]

HeadRead - Rave Era [ProgRAM]

Kleu - Play You [Gorilla Warfare]

Surreal, Sl8r - Three Stripes [Fokuz Recordings]

Response - Betrayal [Metalheadz]

Bcee, Charlotte Haining, DRS - Love for the Fallen (Satl Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Veak - Bringing The Vibe [Original Key Records]

Madcap - B-Boy [Myriad Recordings]

Loxy, INK - Headz Roll (Ink, Loxy, Resound & Gremlinz Remix) [Razors Edge]

Loxy, INK, Resound - Think [Razors Edge]

J Plates - Going Deeper [Bare Necessity Records]

Sulex - Halftoned [Ekou Recordings]

Kleu - No Way Home [Beats In Mind]

NC-17, Kumarachi - Mood Point [Dispatch Recordings]

Drumsound & Bassline Smith, MC Navigator - Let the Bass Kick [Formation Records]

Duoscience - Color Set [Celsius Recordings]

Higher(Than) - Space Funk [Erculean Recordings]

Madcap - Bleep Track [Myriad Recordings]

Nookie, Soulstructure - New Day [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Rochelle Jordan (ft Alix Perez) - Love You Good [Young Art Records]

Hugh Hardie, D.E.O.N - Overture [Hospital Records]

NC-17 - Excellent day for an Exorcism [Dispatch Recordings]

Future Jungle Sessions #65 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #65 // 8K.NZ Radio // 01.05.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

A brand new selection of the freshest cuts, with Kiwis Midknight Moon, Sly Chaos and 33 Below, features from Break, Crom, Degs, GLXY, Iskia, Kleu, Lynx, Q Project, Sl8r, and Soul Intent, plus remixes by Black Barrel, CLIPZ, Calibre and Kasra!

Goddard. - Nicotine [DnB Allstars Records]

Maykors - Inner [Four Corners]

Hound - Pressure Point [SBK Recordings]

Qant. - Bam Bam [Fokuz Recordings]

Midknight MooN, Benjamin Taggart - Calico [Liquid Flavours Records]

Lynx - In My Mind [Souped Up Records]

Walk:r, Riya - Paragon [Spearhead Records]

A K A - Correlation [Ekou Recordings]

Particle - Fall 2 Fast [Drum&BassArena]

Q Project - Trouble (Myth Remix) [C.I.A.]

Phace, Buunshin - IDLE [Neosignal Recordings]

Lynx, Kusp - Rap Dude [Souped Up Records]

Sl8r - Other Life [Chronic]

Sl8r - Peyote [Chronic]

Nu Elementz - Ghosts [Sweet Tooth Recordings]

Jando - Jaguar Trap [Grid Recordings UK]

Iskia - Ways of the Underground [Program]

Toby Ross, DnB Allstars - Girl [Allstars RAW]

Shy FX, Breakage - Rastafari (feat. Ras Haile Malekot) [Digital Soundboy]

Stylo G, Busta Rhymes - Outta Space (CLIPZ Remix) [3Beat]

Soul Intent - Throwing Shapes [Commercial Suicide]

Lady Blackbird - Collage (Calibre Remix) [Foundation Music]

Enei - Ignit [Critical Music]

DPR, Leo Wood - Eden [Future Retro]

Dioptrics - Virion [Machinist Music]

Hugh Hardie, Zoe Kypri - Dream In Green [Hospital Records]

Roni Size, Reprazent - Brown Paper Bag (2017 Remix) [Full Cycle]

Break - Zodiac [Symmetry Recordings]

Break - Never Say Never [Symmetry Recordings]

The Sauce - B Wot U Is [The Sauce Recordings]

The Sauce - The Sauce [The Sauce Recordings]

Fetus - Tar 11mg (Black Barrel Remix) [Unchained Recording]

Ben Soundscape - My Business [Dispatch LTD]

Veak - Bloodclort [Bredrin Recordings]

Mollie Collins, Emily Makis - Friends (Disrupta Remix) [Right Good Records]

Degs - Crosstown Blues [Hospital Records]

DBridge, Fierce - Twilight [Quarantine]

Invaderz - Mirage [C.I.A.]

Future Cut - Hideous Kinky [C.I.A.]

33 Below, MCK - Burning [Lunchbox Records]

Linguistics, GLXY, Charlie Perry - Searching For [Shogun Audio]

GLXY - Wild Love [Shogun Audio]

Jaybee - Consciousness [Exiled Recordings]

Simon Splice - Want Your Love [Eloisa Records]

Crom, Rider Shafique - Change [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Soul Intent, Chromatic - Back to Back (feat. Chromatic) [Machinist Music]

Faysha - 7 Rings [Kojiki Records]

In:Most - Do You (Kasra Remix) [Soulvent Records]

GLXY, [ K S R ] - Breathless [Shogun Audio]

Stimpy - I and I [Celsius Recordings]

Rag'n'Bone Man, P!nk - Anywhere Away from Here (Etherwood Remix) [Best Laid Plans/Columbia]

Vici - Birds [Hyperactivity Music]

Lenzman - Lil Souljah feat Slay [The North Quarter]

Traumatize - More Than Love [DnB Allstars Records]

Shapeshifter - The Roxxy [Universal Music New Zealand]

Q Project, Myth - Demonz [C.I.A.]

Degs, Keeno, Royalston, Unglued, Whiney - Wobbo Dub [Hospital Records]

Soul Intent - Bite It [Commercial Suicide]

Degs, De:Tune, Citrusfly - Final Notice [Hospital Records]

Visages - Gymnopédies [1985 Music]

Kiat, Digital - Slugstep [Defrostatica]

Dopplershift, Stokka - In The Dark (feat. Maria Lea) [SINE Audio]

Iskia - Break [Program]

Pola & Bryson, Ruth Royall - Friend [Shogun Audio]

Millbrook, Selin - You & Me [RAM Records]

Culture Shock - Discotheque [RAM Records]

Kleu - Play You [Gorilla Warfare]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Air I Breathe [EMI]

Dub Elements - Dope (VIP) [DEM Recordings]

J Select, Disrupta - Stutter [BassLayerz Recordings]

Minos - Tribe [Fokuz Recordings]

Objectiv - The Wave [Co-Lab Recordings]

Sly Chaos, Trafic MC - Roll Call [Sly Chaos]

Stillz - Bleep Riddem [Vihara]

Kenny Ken, Beat Merchants, Ezy Star - Riddim Up [Chronic]

Loxy, INK, Resound - Think [Razors Edge]

Think Tonk - None of Dem (Riddim Punks Remix) [feat. General Jah Mikey] [Nice Up!]

Dillinja - All Aboard [Valve]

Rene LaVice - Budz [Device]

Benny V - Not the One (Deploy Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Conrad Subs - Straight Up [O.R.C Recordings]

Ripple - Summer Lights (feat. Eviya) [Ripple LTD]

King Tubby, The Observer All Stars - Dubbing with the Observer (Filip Motovunski Remix) [Jungle Cakes]

Kleu - One Night Only [LoveThatBass]

Villem - 4ME Dub [Spearhead Records]

Crom - Sticks & Stones [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Technimatic - Everlasting [Technimatic Music]

Future Jungle Sessions #64 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #64 // 8K.NZ Radio // 17.04.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 00:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Streaming this week on 8K.NZ, the talents of Kiwi producers Chisel, Dose, Pirapus, and Lee Mvtthews, features from Degs, DLR, LSB/DRS ‘The Blue Hour (Reworked)’, Maykors, Mozey, Nectax, and Submorphics, plus vocal performances by Charlotte Haining, Jakes, Poppy Baskcomb, Danny Sanchez and Tyler Daley.

Bcee, Charlotte Haining - Remind Me (S.P.Y Remix) [Spearhead Records]

Geostatic - Conviction [Transparent Audio]

107 - Inattentive [Onyx Recordings]

Winslow, Degs - Demagogues [Soulvent Records]

Hidden Agenda - Chameleon (Stress Level & Ant TC1 Remix)[Remastered] [Dispatch Recordings]

Friske - Deeper Understanding [Requisite Music]

Ephyum, Invadhertz - Escapism [Dispatch Recordings]

Kleu - Know You (Something Something Remix) [Right Good Records]

Unknown Artist - Ms. Fat Booty [Fokuz Recordings]

Coda - Smoked Out [Natty Dub Recordings]

Enei, Jakes - Master Key [Critical Music]

DLR - Make My Mind Go [Sofa Sound]

The Sauce, Fox - Everything Boss [The Sauce Recordings]

Nymfo - Stone Cold [C.I.A.]

Break, DLR - City Slickers (Skeptical Remix) [Symmetry]

Nymfo - Everything Will Be [Dispatch Recordings]

Degs, EVIL B, De:Tune, Citrusfly - No Prisoners [Hospital Records]

BassBrothers, L-side, Haribo - Locked [Chronic]

Teej, Grimesy, T-Man - Quantum Leap (Teej Remix) [Nuusic]

Zoro, Jappa, Bish - LSD [Born On Road]

Maykors, Paul AF - Artengo [Impact Music]

Yatuza, Dunk - Amplified [Liondub International]

Waeys, Levela - The Devil [Critical Music]

Tomoyoshi - Soldier [Original Key Records]

Molecular, Objectiv - The Foundation [C4C Recordings]

DLR - Twisted [Sofa Sound]

Qua Rush, Enjoy - Seduction [Flight Pattern Records]

LSB/DRS - Frozen (Calibre remix) [Footnotes]

Radiax - Xingfu Lu [Skankandbass]

NOISY - 24/7 (High Contrast Remix) [Universal-Island Records Ltd.]

Motiv - When You’re Around [Celsius Recordings]

Nectax - Beyond Stateless [Overview Music]

Dose - Time And Space [Huski Records]

Sikka - Alright [Formation Records]

Lenzman, Danny Sanchez - Gimmie a Sec [The North Quarter]

Submorphics - Infinite Void [The North Quarter]

LSB/DRS - Letting Go (FD remix) [Footnotes]

Exile, Mark XTC - Power [Random Concept Origins]

Mozey - Lady Petrol [Souped Up Records]

Picota & Kumbh - Give Me the Flow [Program]

Shy FX, Breakage, Break, Tyler Daley - I Got You (feat. Tyler Daley) [Digital Soundboy]

Unknown Artist - Big Poppa [Fokuz Recordings]

Submorphics, Ras Tweed - Guided by Venus [The North Quarter]

Heist, Diligent Fingers - Don’t Need a Reason [Liquid Lab]

DSP - Don’t Know [Symmetry Recordings]

Technimatic, Charlotte Haining - Still Miss You [Technimatic Music]

Zombie Cats - Let Go [Galacy Records]

Origin8a & Propa, Benny Page - Harmony (Lee Mvtthews Remix) [3Beat]

Friction, Poppy Baskcomb - Falling Down [Elevate Records]

Hystatus, Flower Rising - Another Day [Axon Records]

Temam - Mechanism [Delta9 Recordings]

Maykors - Halo (Moytra Remix) [Impact Music]

Surreal, Motiv - Smoke Dreams [Galacy Records]

Nia Archives - Headz Gone West [HIJINXX]

Nu:Logic - New Technique (Stay-C Remix) [Hospital Records]

L-side, MC GQ - Zaga Dan [V Recordings]

Monty, Icicle - SVP [1985 Music]

T>I, D*Minds - Pulling Teef [Critical Music]

Taxman - Utopia [Playaz Recordings]

Tony Anthem, Doktor - Tears Of Mine (Gunmen & Specimen A VIP Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]

GLM - Love Me [Incurzion Audio]

Dose - Live For The Pressure [Huski Records]

K Motionz, Simula - Flex [Drum&BassArena]

iZo Flight, Venuz Beats - Homeostasis [Hyperactivity Music]

Chisel - Delusions [SBK Recordings]

Pirapus, Christina Harrison - Need You Now (feat. Christina Harrison) [Dark Machine Recs]

M.I.S.T & High Contrast - 3am [Soul:R]

Surve - Hoverboard [Spearhead Records]

Nectax - Halogen (Myth Remix) [Overview Music]

Kenny Ken - Gimme Dat Roller [Formation Records]

Unglued - Crusty Rolls [Hospital Records]

Mozey, Current Value - Flirt [Souped Up Records]

LSB/DRS - Faded (Workforce remix) [Footnotes]

Logistics - Together [Hospital Records]

iZo Flight, Venuz Beats, T.R.A.C. - Worlds Away [Hyperactivity Music]

Submorphics, Phat Kat, Steo - Live With the Pain [The North Quarter]

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Just Hold On (Sub Focus & Wilkinson vs. Pola & Bryson Remix) [Virgin EMI]

Degs, Pola & Bryson - Sleepless (Bladerunner Version) [Hospital Records]