Join DJ Gwarden for a full spectrum journey through Future Jungle vibes and Drum & Bass riddims, from the freshest duppy cuts to the deepest rave classics. Broadcasting live every week from the heart of Ōtautahi, New Zealand – keep it locked!


Future Jungle Sessions #72 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #72 // 8K.NZ Radio // 31.07.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 02:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Yaano - Blossom [Overview Music]

Hadley - Sleepless [Program]

Disrupta, DRS - Changes [V Recordings]

Dubshun - Mind Games [Context Audio]

Mistrust - Faultlines [Archway Records UK]

Satl - Never Far [The North Quarter]

A:D - New Vision [Soul Deep Digital]

Alix Perez - Blank Pages [1985 Music]

Command Strange, T.R.A.C., Christina Tamayo - Delivery [V Recordings]

S-capade - Up [Architecture Recordings]

Inja, Singing Fats - Soul Silhouette [Hospital Records]

Universal Project - Funk School [Sofa Sound]

Visages - Sirius [1985 Music]

Critycal Dub, MadRush MC - Must Remember [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Vektah - Escape [Soulvent Records]

Minor Forms - Specialist [Context Audio]

FX909 - Old Jungle Stories [Liquid Drops]

Yaano - Take It [Overview Music]

Beterror, Warm Roller - Waiting For You [Warm Communications]

Hadley - Lonely [Subtitles Music UK]

Bert H - Vibechaser [Liquicity Records]

Beterror, Warm Roller - Milkshake [Warm Communications]

FarFlow, Buumi - All For You [Fokuz Recordings]

Disrupta - Play It Cool [V Recordings]

Foreign Concept - Champagne Nihilist [Critical Music]

Screamarts - Back In The Day [Rebel Music]

Synergy, Skylark, flowanastasia - Satellites [Pilot Records]

Sub Focus - Vapourise (Misanthrop Remix) [RAM Records]

Sub Focus - Timewarp (Dimension Remix) [RAM Records]

Sub Focus - Rock It (Wilkinson Remix) [RAM Records]

Teddy Killerz - Landing Capsule [RAM Records]

T>I, D*Minds - Only You [Critical Music]

Teej, Slay - No Drama [Nuusic]

Submotive - Snowed In [Sofa Sound]

Dub Head - Meatballs & Chilli Pepper [Sofa Sound]

Enei, Elipsa - Escape [Critical Music]

DLR - County Lines [Sofa Sound]

Dunk - Total Love [Liondub International]

Alyness - Awakening [Citate Forms]

Grimesy - Where You At [Original Key Records]

GOLD Dubs - New World [Original Key Records]

Gest - Shame [Shogun Audio]

Frame - Ladies [Parallel Depth]

EJ Kitto, DnB Allstars - Calling [Allstars RAW]

Namarone - Restored [DLT9]

Amplify - Thirsty [Grid Recordings UK]

Dopplershift, Krispy - Demi Sound (Krispy Remix) [Four Corners]

Cecil Hotel - Tut Tut Tut [Sofa Sound]

Data 3 - Tric City (Waeys Remix) [Flexout Audio]

DJ Rap, Exile - Never Again [Propa Talent]

Metrik, Grafix - Overdrive [Hospital Records]

Inja, DJ Marky - Underdog [Hospital Records]

Isaac Maya - Rastafari [Grid Recordings UK]

James Hiraeth, DnB Allstars - Do You Feel It [Allstars RAW]

Neonlight - Sprech Funk (Relict Remix) [Diascope]

Nymfo - Do Me No Good [1985 Music]

Fred V - Glockenspiel Riddim [Hospital Records]

Oli Lewis - So Desperately [Sub-Division Recordings]

Midknight MooN - Significant Funk [Kos.Mos.Music]

Inja, Charlotte Haining - Reach Out [Hospital Records]

Gunston - Stay Real (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Weapons of Choice Recordings]

JAMEZY - One Time [Audio Addict Records]

C-Phonics, ZD - Untitled Groove [Four Corners]

Simple Simon, Pharoah - Diamond Cut [Symmetry Recordings]

Sl8r, Slay, Chimpo - Danger [V Recordings]

Villem, Zero T, Duskee - Talk Loud [MURKT]

Georgia Phoenix - All I Have [Device]

Genic - Rough Nights [Dispatch Recordings]

Minor Forms - Horizon [Context Audio]

Future Cut, Marcus Intalex - Plastic (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Future Cut Recordings]

Rohaan - Let’s Play [Souped Up Records]

Syran - Guitar Dub [RAM Records]

Sweetpea, Iris - Revolution Not Televised [Sofa Sound]

Gest - Futurism [Shogun Audio]

Trail - Shojo Bookshop [Flexout Audio]

Satl, DRS - Beautiful Struggle [The North Quarter]

Genic - Grow [Dispatch Recordings]

SLPSTRM, Monrroe - A Place Beyond Belief (Monrroe Remix) [Liquicity Records]

EN:VY - All About You [Flexout Audio]

Need for mirrors - Ultra Violin [SUNANDBASS Recordings]

Technimatic, Riya - When the Dawn Breaks [Drum&BassArena]

Heist, Duskee - Dripping [Liquid Lab]

Simula, EMBR - Good Vibration [Shogun Audio]

gyrofield - Photosystem [Overview Music]

Lenzman, IAMDDB - In My Mind (Break Remix) [The North Quarter]

Future Jungle Sessions #71 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #71 // 8K.NZ Radio // 09.07.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 02:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

Elipsa - Make It Up To Me [Elipsa]

In:Most - Other Side [Soulvent Records]

IYRE - Ambers, Echoes [Influenza Media]

Sequent & Skruff - Intemperate [Fraktal Sound]

Total Science - Fallen Angel (L-Side Remix) [C.I.A.]

The Sauce - A Truck Load [Souped Up Records]

INK, Dylan - Need You (Ink, Loxy & Resound Remix) [I.L.R. Studios]

Janaway - Revival Dub [Born On Road]

Syncline - Mr. Everyday [Four Corners]

Beat Merchants, T.R.A.C. - Back on My Griz [Chronic]

Lovell - Funky [Grid Recordings UK]

Toby Ross - Right Now [Kartoons]

Universal Project - Yoko [Universal Project Recordings]

Quadrant, Iris - Stoic [Dispatch Recordings]

Viewer - Lost Signal [Soul Deep Exclusives]

Sola, Sammie Hall - Can’t Stop Me (Midnight Mix) [Formation Records]

Nu:Tone - Shift Break [Hospital Records]

Winslow, Pete Simpson - Everything & More [Hospital Records]

Disrupta - Close To Me [Born On Road]

The Upbeats - Horizon (Extended) [Vision Recordings]

Habit - Ghuznee [SBK Recordings]

BassBrothers - Street Knowledge [Digital Terror Records]

Ephyum, Invadhertz - Lantern [Dispatch Recordings]

Stimpy - Rollin’ this One [Warm Communications]

Jammez - Kitsune [Bowlcut Beats]

JOELY (UK) - Soundboy Killa [Lickwood and Gunshot]

Umax, pyxis - 1978 [Four Corners]

Flat T - Aura [Four Corners]

DJ Koncept - Eternal [Vinyl Combat]

Ethos, Opticsnz - Dubby Roller [Four Corners]

Friske - Musically Speaking [Requisite Music]

Jammez - Whisker [Bowlcut Beats]

North Base, Trei, Dima Pulsar, Dynamite MC - Raw [Device]

LTR - Lost Dreams [Rebel Music]

Mampi Swift - 2nd Strike [Charge Recordings]

DJ Hybrid, Haribo - Stay High (2021 Mix) [Liondub International]

JOELY (UK) - Find My Flow [Lickwood and Gunshot]

Trex - Pieces Of Eight [Born On Road]

DJ Phantasy - Haters (DJ Mix) [Easy Records]

Charlotte Devaney, Ragga Twins - Get Ready 4 Tha Drop (Iskia Remix Extended) [Karma London Records]

Bungle - Black Mirror [Influence Records]

Crossy, Skibadee - Born On Road [Born On Road]

Pola & Bryson, Solah - Neverend [Shogun Audio]

Aperio, Seba - Metropolis (Seba Remix) [Liquicity Records]

Enfuse, Jon Montage - Starward [onesevenfour]

INK - Embrace the Meaning [R&S Records]

Fiwhari - Dubhe [Citrus Recordings]

High Contrast - Windows 95 (Bladerunner Remix) [3Beat]

L-side - Untouchable [C.I.A.]

JOELY (UK) - Move Dem Body [Lickwood and Gunshot]

Posij - Blood [MAD ZOO]

Justin Hawkes - The Underground [Drum&BassArena]

Toby Ross - Beyond [Liondub International]

Trex - Dopamine [Trust Audio]

Jfal - Soundclash [Zombie Recordings UK]

FarFlow - Sunder [Skankandbass]

Dr Meaker, GOLD Dubs, JMan - Born Inna Babylon [Born On Road]

Kiddah, mRo - You & Me (Flawoh Remix) [Boey Audio]

In:Most, Ruth Royall - Back to The Sun [Soulvent Records]

Terror, Sam Calver - Gold [Spearhead Records]

Warm Roller - Cold Heart (Beterror Remix) [Dnbb Digital]

Loxy, Resound - Give Me a Dubplate [R&S Records]

Veak - Put Up Your Lighta [Liondub International]

Untrue - 95 Problems [Grid Recordings UK]

Friske, Gremlinz, Aspect - Nailgun [Requisite Music]

Bungle - Burning [Influence Records]

Semper Volt, L-side - Bateu [Semper Volt e L-Side]

Unknown Artist - 93 Till Infinity [Fokuz Recordings]

Bungle - Circles [Influence Records]

ZâR, Motiv, Duskee - Lost in Space (Surreal Remix) [Fokuz Recordings]

Fox - Just Chillin’ feat. Blind Mic (Produced by FD) [The North Quarter]

Blade (Dnb) - Fading [ONE7SIX]

In:Most, Walk:r - Silver Lining (Askel & Elere Remix) [Soulvent Records]

Cloonee - Sun Goes Down (Kanine Remix) [Big Beat Records]

Friction, Jonny L - Back To Your Roots 2021 [Elevate Records]

Bladerunner - War Dub [Hi Resolution]

K Motionz, Duskee - Hack It (Break Remix) [UKF]

Serum, The Sauce - Got The Money [Souped Up Records]

Loxy, Dylan - Fraggle Rock (Ink, Loxy & Resound Remix) [I.L.R. Studios]

Ram Trilogy, Traumatize - Beastman (Traumatize Remix) [RAM Records]

Dillinja - Sovereign Melody [Valve Recordings]

Nymfo - Greetings Starfighter (Villem Alternative Remix) [Dub]

Mr Joseph, T.R.A.C. - Still Non Stop [Fizzy Beats]

Dunk - Atmosphere [Future Formation]

Nu:Tone, Lalin St. Juste - One Day At A Time [Hospital Records]

Visages - Yalda [1985 Music]

Klinical - Sweet Lies [Overview Music]

Future Jungle Sessions #70 // 8K.NZ Radio //...


Future Jungle Sessions #70 // 8K.NZ Radio // 02.07.2021

https://www.gwarden.net // https://linktr.ee/gwarden_nz 

LIVE on 8K.NZ ~ SAT 19:00 (NZST) // MON 02:00 // WED 05:00 // FRI 22:00

JAMEZY - Mind Control [DnB Allstars Records]

Alibi - Jet Wash [Overview Music]

Yatuza, NC-17 - Wrong Side of the Bed [SINFUL MAZE]

Gamma - Evil [Overview Music]


T-Zone - Angered Me [ThirtyOne Recordings]

S0LID - Mortality [Trust Audio]

Toby Ross - Musical Warfare [Kartoons]

Untrue, Alien Perfect - Severance [Grid Recordings UK]

Amplify, DnB Allstars - Madness [Allstars RAW]

Dub Elements - Thunder (René LaVice Remix) [DEM Recordings]

Madface - Escape [Viper Recordings]

Tantrum Desire - Xtraterrestrial [Technique Recordings]

Sovryn - Sensation [Korsakov Music]

Culture Shock - Troglodyte VIP [RAM Records]

Paige Julia - Live and Direct [Unchained Recordings]

Battery & Philth - Poseidon [Dispatch Recordings]

Original Sin - Automaton [Souped Up Records]

Unglued - South By West [Hospital Records]

Villem, McLeod - Perfect Lover [Dub]

Kaii Concept - Miles Away [Dnbb Digital]

Fox - The Shine (Produced by L-Side) [The North Quarter]

Dunk - Minimalist [Future Formation]

BassBrothers - Pressure [Digital Terror Records]

Erbman - City Flow [Natty Dub Recordings]

Unglued, Singing Fats - Sardinian Sunrise [Hospital Records]

Blade (Dnb) - Zeus [ONE7SIX]

DOT., cømpiler - Instance (Quadrant & Iris Remix) [Delta9 Recordings]

Sublimit, Jabaru - Trapped [Dispatch Recordings]

Sovryn - Weekend [Korsakov Music]

S.P.Y - See Your Face Again (Kings Of The Rollers Remix) [Hospital Records]

Unglued - Springs & Things [Hospital Records]

Tephra, Kathryn Brenna, Bazil MC - Better Days [Intrigue Music]

Secret Structures - Fire Weather [Offworld Recordings]

Bert H, Hiraeth, Sydney - I’m Holdin [Shogun Audio]

Jayline, V Dubz - Sahara Desert [Liondub International]

Annix, A Little Sound - Kaleidoscope [Elevate Records]

Kublai - Emerald Funk [C.I.A.]

Levela - Jacked [Critical Music]

NC-17 - Dio [Dispatch Recordings]

René LaVice - Darkness [Device]

Incorporate - Tinker [Dirty Hole Music]

Creatures - Without You [Intrigue Music]

DJ Hazard - Wiggly Worm [Playaz Recordings]

Bredren - Fallen Leaves [Flexout Audio]

Fox - Lion Ting (Produced by Lenzman) [The North Quarter]

Q-Project - Computer Love (Kessler Remix) [Hospital Records]

DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter (Villem is a G VIP) [Dub]

Foreign Concept, Enei, Magugu - Sticks [Critical Music]

Untrue - London’s Finest [Grid Recordings UK]

Villem, Mako - Let Me Be [Dub]

DSP - Moonlight [Symmetry Recordings]

Terror, In:Most - Shangri-La [Spearhead Records]

S.P.Y - Alpha Centauri [DARKMTTR]

Lynx, Jakobi, Kagey - Under the Stars [Influence Records]

S.P.Y - I’ve Been Missing You [DARKMTTR]

Villem, Mako & Mcleod - The Blessing [Dub]

Fox - Paper Weights feat. DRS (Produced by Calibre) [The North Quarter]

tunnl vision - Moondust [Program]

DJ Hazard - Bad Guys [Playaz Recordings]

Trex, Benny V - Tundra [Trust Audio]

Wave - On Blades [P LAB Recordings]

DLR, Script, MC Fokus - Perception (Wingz Remix) [Sofa Sound]

SL8R - Mr Hundred [Delta9]

Posij - Purple Foliage [MAD ZOO]

Kusp - Eldorado [The Sauce Recordings]

tunnl vision - Uprising [Program]

Pirapus - Eclipse [Dark Machine Recs]

Murdock, James Marvel - Holding On (Rene LaVice Remix) [Viper Recordings]

Fred V - Prosopagnosia [Hospital Records]

Unglued - Make Rollers Roll Again [Hospital Records]

DJ Dextrous, Erin Lordan - Lovable (DJ Dextrous VIP) [Audioporn]

Veak - Black Bombay VIP [Liondub International]

JDizz, Diagnostix - Straight From Jamaica [Deep In The Jungle Records]

Waeys, Particle - Rave Tool [Critical Music]

Dioptrics - Gelato (John Rolodex Remix) [Machinist Music]

Endorphine, Jabaru - Humanity is Dead [Dispatch Recordings]

Synergy, Skylark - Made of Glass [Pilot Records]

pyxis, Eidna - Guide You Home [Sunny Moves Records]

INK, J Dub - Feel Da Heat [Architecture Recordings]

Loggi - Always Remember U [M Ocean]

Dillinja - I Wanna Know [Valve Recordings]