Kammoth is the alter ego of Christchurch musical guru Cam Walker. Join this man of many talents on a post-rock sonic journey where seemingly impossible musical unions blend together in a marriage which should theoretically end in divorce. When he’s not creating soundscapes for your listening pleasure, Cam watches music documentaries, performs astonishing acts of guitar wizardry, and thinks about UFOs.


Kammoth #108R – Massacre (thanks England)


I’ve had to repeat a show from November 2018 due to the pre-existing week being full of activity blah blah.

I can’t locate the track list, but… I just grabbed some metadata, so we’re back in action:

1Volcano LagoonEerie Wanda

2back of your kneesMilk Maid

3Les yeux transparentsCaracol

4Long Hot Summer DayJimi Hendrix

5ridin a wire fenceSalaryman

6Thirty NineMonotrope

7Doctors, Drums And Danger2Mex

8Cut StrangerJ Mascis

9no retreatStreet Meat

10Star RiseNusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook

11Puffin StarsHelium w. The Bird of Paradise

12You Know My NameChris Cornell

13Happiness Is a Warm Gun (2018 Mix)the Beatles

14Pant LegJon Spencer Blues Explosion

15Napalm LoveAir


17Home Cookin’Jimmy Smith

18Super FxxTera Melos


20Conceptual RomanceJenny Hval

21Darkness In His EyesUltimate Painting

22Apneathe Creeping Nobodies

23now come outOverhang Party

24Wishful Sinfulthe Doors25IchorBlack Lung

26Upon a HillFoxygen

27All My Things Are CoolUSA Nails

28yes we can-canTreacherous Three

29n.o.u. cooking with gas!Nation of Ulysses

30Ilya KriooyStephen Brodsky

31no. 17New Bloods

32PalmeIt Looks Sad

33Nights x 9Slant 6

34Star Trekinthe Firm

Blink and you’ll kiss it;


Kammoth #204 – My Cart(h)age


Hmmm; time for some longer pieces

01 Sonic Youth – The Diamond Sea

02 Can – halleluhwah

03 Anjali – seven x eight

04 Boards of Canada – dayvan cowboy (odd nosdam remix)









06 Nightmares On Wax – deepdown

07 King Crimson – Lizard

08 Alligator Indian – Dark Fruit

Enjoy with a quail egg yoghurt beef pavlova;


Kammoth #203 – Do it Billy!


This young lady drilled a cave into the wafer-thin brain stem of the most delightful Prince Porkspin (look it up); to this I solemnly solute:

Begin with the bucket in tall grass; the punch to the heart alleviates all forms of hope.

Here are some glyphs representing potential lung-generated acoustic propogative perturbations relating to monikers of musical and sonic prowess:

01 Gauche – Boom Hazard

02 Michael Yonkers – The Clock Is Running

03 Modey Lemon – red lights

04 Damon Che – Oh Suzanna

05 Frijid Pink – crying shame

06 Hermit Thrushes – Song From Boat

07 Grimes – Be A Body (侘寂)

08 Howling Giant – Cybermancer And The Doomsday Express

09 Meat Wave – Sham King

10 Mermaidens – The Cut

11 Greylist – 7 Years

12 Gen Pop – Top of the World

13 Fu Manchu – Future Transmitter

14 Hibou – Clarity

15 Germ House – Creeping Eyes

16 Fuck Buttons – ribs out

17 Here Lies Man – Hell (Wooly Tail)

18 Holy Molar – Dungeons And Drag Queens (In 3 Measures, Part I)

19 Midday Veil – Circle

20 Monomyth – Surface Crawler

21 Gladys Lazer – KO (feat. Nate Hendrix )

22 Metric – dead disco

23 Michael Rother – Karussell

24 G.B.H. – Kangaroo Court

25 Modern Studies – horns_and_trumpets

26 Nightmares on Wax – Rise

27 Nirvana – Ain’t It A Shame (Leadbelly cover)

28 Model Actress – dickory 03

29 NIN – Sin

30 Rob Crow – i hate you, rob crow

31 Gaye Bikers On Acid – advertise

So short and condemnation for all the birds;