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#IndiePendence DAY

Monday, July 4th, 2016


Happy #IndiePendence Day! We’re 8K. is a Christchurch based, community focused, democratically driven internet radio station. It’s basically a bunch of friends coming together and playing records. You can hear our obsessively-curated collaborative playlist in-between everybody’s special little shows, which will stream at the usual times, or you can listen to them on Mixcloud if you’re impatient.

At the moment the kore krew konsists of Tim Baird (Pinacolada Soundsystem), Fraserhead and The Herb Whisperer (The Joint), Bill Bird (Human Pleasure), Nick White (Nick White), Muz (Glitch in the System), Michael (Skew-Whiff M.D.) and Dr Hitchcock (Starlifter Radio) but there are many others lurking in the fringes. We’ve all been doing this sort of stuff for a while, and we hope you like this new collective we’re putting together.

We’re not trying to change the world, become your new favourite thing or trying to figure out what you’re into so we can sell you more shit you don’t need – we’re just having fun. 8K is a place for us to experiment with sound, to try things other stations can’t or won’t do. The technology is there and it’s cheap, so why not?! And it means we can cuss if we want to.

To celebrate IndiePendence Day, we’re hosting a Proper Official Launch Show live from Studio Starlifter (Hitchock’s House.) Tune in tonight from 8pm Christchurch Standard Time, and hear the 8K Crew and guests, spinning vinyl, plastic and digits. Come stream with us – technical difficulties guaranteed.