The boy genius behind The Mixtape Connection, Dr. Hitchcock is an indie radio mogul from #Coolston who believes that smart drugs and electronic music will save the world. Join him on a journey into a virtual soundscape so far beyond reality that it comes full circle and begins to resemble actual reality, only with bigger pixels.

#UPDATE: If you like the tech side of things Dr. Hitchcock has also got a #WebDev podcast (from an interstellar perspective of course) over at


Cup of Joe and Jam Vol. 1 at Prima Roastery | Starlifter.TV


Cover art for Cup of Joe and Jam Vol. 1 at Prima Roastery

On Friday, 19th March 2021 Dr Hitchcock kept the morning tea crowd entertained at Prima Roastery. He’s there for coffee every second day so he thought he hit them up to play some tunes. Jaz’s amazing Cheese and Onion scones were on par as usual!!

This set had a very Twin Peaks vibe, as well as some Brit-pop, Funk, Indie Disco, Rock, along with a few tributes to Daft Punk.

The Slope Feels Good | Starlifter.TV


Album covers of four artists featured on this episode of the Starlifter.TV radio show.


Psych, Garage, Indie, Australian, American, Kiwi, all in the name of Rock! Here’s a wee set I’ve been working on during the southern hemisphere Summer. Artists included in this two hours of power include Chastity Belt, Courtney Barnett, Love, Ty Seagall, Bedhead, Magazine, Suede, Radiohead, Miss June, Khruangbin, The Beatles, Goat and Plantains.


CIC at Smash Palace Pre-Party Show – Feb 2021 | Starlifter.TV


The studio setup for this radio show.


Smash Palace invited Tim aka Pinacolada Soundsystem and me, Dr Hitchcock, to play some sounds Cutting It Close stylez. So to prepare for the festivities I played a live set from my garage on Twitch. This show was all vinyl and covered psych rock, shoegaze, art rock, post punk, new wave, acid house, booty bass, nu-disco and indie dance.